Where to get quilling materials ????

I got to know about quilling from some Facebook and Pin interest post. Once I got the interest in quilling, I wanted to obtain the materials and get started. It was very difficult for me to find the quilling materials in stores near my residence. In fact, I didn’t find any store that sell at least the quilling paper. Then I went online and purchased the beginners kit from I was so excited to get it in my hand so I could get start my experiments.

The kit came with  Needle Tool, Slotted Tool, Circle Size Ruler, Tweezers, Beginners Guide, Glue, Paper Strips (1 Packet), Envelopes and Greeting Card (You can work on them.)

Beginners Quilling Kit from

There are also many online sellers who sell quilling supplies.

Quilling comes with experience. I mean never expect your shapes to be perfect in the first go. It takes some time for your finger to get the art. Be patient. It can be done by anyone and is so interesting.

If you are a person who likes decorating your house then don’t wait. !!!!!  Start quilling and make your home beautiful.

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