After seeing the fringed flowers, I always wanted to try them. But I didn’t have the paper fringer. So I was checking through the tutorials available online and also went through some books to find that fringer can also be done with scissors. So I tried them in tissue paper and it turned out to be good. That’s the reason I am posting it here.

Materials needed:

Tissue paper (violet, white and green)

Tooth picks – 3


Paper strip ( to make the pot and base).


The violet, white and green paper were fringed ( Cut the edge of the paper horizontally like 1 inch long. Then keep cutting the paper same way, over and over. The edge of your paper will look almost striped with cuts). Violet and White paper are then attached to a yellow strip (this makes the center of the flower) and where rolled with slotted tool. The green paper is glued to tooth picks to make the stem. The flowers are then attached to tooth picks using glue.Finally we make the pots. They are made by rolling 9 3 mm strips of different colors( or single color) and giving them a pot shape using hand (can use the mould too).


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